No Dual Required

September 20, 2007

Two corollaries to yesterday’s post.

1. The Dual table becomes redundant, because now

select X
where X = 1

is allowed.

Question: how does the query execution engine figure out the type of the variable X?

2. Integer generator query:

select X
where X < 100

No level, rownum, or connect by!


4 Responses to “No Dual Required”

  1. Sokrates Says:


    what are you talking about ?
    which database vendor + version allows these queries ?

    Thank you

  2. This is just a proposal.

  3. Sokrates Says:

    you have my support for this

  4. […] consequence of this amendment is that the famous Dual table is no longer required. The other implication of equating tables with predicates is that physical query optimization can […]

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